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1941 – Queen of Everything

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Project Description

This ostentatious creation is ideal for that female “Princess” who is turning 21. Now, attaining her majority, she transitions to the title of “Queen”, with all the fanfare we can muster. Three flashy tiers in pink and white, form a veritable tower of “cakery”, and are quite literally “crowned” by a golden royal crown, that bears the unmistakable interlocking “C”s of the Chanel logo. The tier directly below the crown is in brightest pink, and etched with a quilted motif. A tiny gold bead marks every corner of each diamond. The middle tier in sparkling white serves as a canvas against which a plethora of photos is displayed. The base tier, also in brightest, pink supports a banner announcing the birthday celebrant’s new title, and more photos. Each tier is surrounded at its base by a broad ribbon of glittering crystal, and a very large “21” heralds the birthday year. Festive plumes in black and white emanate from the top of the cake, and add to the general gaiety of the affair. This is someone who commands respect and attention, and it’s our job to supply both of those, in abundance, for this celebration! Long live the Queen!

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