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1781 – Baby Boy Sailor

1781 – Baby Boy Sailor2014-08-04T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

This distinctly “masculine” design is a delightful nautical affair. Two round tiers, one in sparkling white, the other in a rich blue, depict a seafaring scene. The bottom tier, in white, is adorned with a row of decorative pennants in pale blue, red, and black, and a ribbon band of pale blue envelopes the base of the tier. The base of the upper tier is decorated with a row of waves, in pale blue, and a charming little sailboat, in black and red. The top of the tier depicts the baby’s face, in the middle of a life preserver, in traditional white and red. He appears to be resting, comfortably, drifting in the ocean, awaiting his cue to arrive on the scene. “It’s a Baby Boy Sailor” is a maritime hit!

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