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1760 – White Satin Drape & Red Roses

1760 – White Satin Drape & Red Roses2014-08-04T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

This affair is breathtaking in its simplicity and sensuality. Two round tiers in brilliant white are symmetrically stacked atop one another to form the infrastructure. A bounteous swath of white “satin” is draped artistically and gracefully across and down the front of the piece, anchored at each point by a clutch of stunning, brilliant red roses. The language of roses has always been clear – red roses are symbolic of ultimate and enduring love. They are much in evidence in this design, even more obvious placed, as they are, against this stark white icing. Glittering strands of crystal add a touch of “bling” to this piece, ringing the base of each tier, and tying in with the large shimmering initial perched atop the piece. A pair of the richly red roses adorns the base of the initial, completing the design. “White Satin Drape with Red Roses” is ideal for a wedding, but would make a fabulous centerpiece for any event you choose.

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