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1631 – Baby Boy Shower

1631 – Baby Boy Shower2014-04-01T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

For the baby shower, or the “Welcome Home, Son” party, this charming two-tiered design is made to order. The base tier is iced in purest white, then a “giraffe” coat pattern is applied, by hand, in bright blue. The upper tier is also white, and proudly announces “BOY” in white lettering on a double-layered oval of bright blue on top of orange. An orange dinosaur (what little boy doesn’t love dinosaurs?) appears to be walking around the base of the bottom tier, sauntering along, taking his time. An oversized bow of broad green “ribbon” loops rests on the top surface of this piece. “Baby Boy Shower!” is sure to make any little boy coming home feel secure and welcome.

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