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1393 – Square on Checks

1393 – Square on Checks2013-08-02T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

Perhaps it’s a shoebox. Or an insiders secret. Maybe it contains some secret Oracle hardware or software. Whatever the particulars of this specific cake, it serves as an excellent example of yet another way to make your cake unique and special to your event.  Two square cake tiers are shown here including a familiar black and white checkerboard pattern on the sides of each box, while both ‘lids’ are in bright and smooth red fondant, complete with rounded boxtop corners – and a clearly visible name on the top tier in white printing. A step away from being squared-up, the top tier is turned at a slight angle to the bottom, giving the impression of a casual stacking of packages that are just waiting to be opened by the recipient. These are gifts that are best enjoyed with a fork, though!

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