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1338 – Bursting With Roses & Bling

1338 – Bursting With Roses & Bling2013-06-30T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

Fine artistry in design and craftsmanship make this cake an excellent choice for a milestone birthday, anniversary, and is certainly an option for a bride with flair. Created out of pastel pink and white, this cake includes a fair amount of bling in the rows of rhinestones that surround the base, ‘lid’, and elegant bow placed on top. But the real stars of this confection are the collection of florals that are crafted of sweet things so magnificently that you would swear these roses are real. Pink and white petals are delicately tinted, complementary blooms are scattered among them, while the bow ribbons flow gracefully down the sides. This design is cleverly arranged to appear as if these blooms are bursting out of their elegant packaging. A fine selection, indeed.

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