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1299 – From a Jack to a King

1299 – From a Jack to a King2013-06-02T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

Celebrating a coming-of-age birthday in Las Vegas? Then this could very well be the cake of choice for you. Now it’s legal (and we won’t dwell on the past) – for the birthday honoree to sit at a casino table and try their hand at a game of chance. This simple rectangular cake design, covered in glossy white fondant and adorned with scattered playing card symbols of black and red – and some poker chips of welcome amounts – is topped off with a second tier of those two much favored and elusive letters “K” for King and “J” for Jack. Not to mention the few hundred dollar bills that have joined the party. (Make it an even better event for your birthday ‘winner’ – you snack on the sugar bills, and replace them with the Real McCoys!) But whatever you decide to present them with in the way of a ‘stake’ – make sure that the party includes a cake to mark the occasion.

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