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1292 – Ford Lover

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Project Description

If there’s a classic car aficionado in your life – there’s a good chance they’d be a “Ford Man” (or woman!) – seeing as how Henry Ford was the one who started the auto craze here In the U.S. some 100+ years ago (1908, to be exact). Of course, few periods of American history are as clearly identified with the status of cars as the 50’s and 60’s – and this blue sedan featuring that era’s body style, chrome and rear fenders is certainly representative of that time. Perhaps it’s the car they first learned to drive in, or the one taken on the first date with their spouse. Whatever the reason, this classic car cake sculpture is going to be a great selection for celebrating a special event. Chrome wheels, shiny black tires, front end grille – even the forgotten (these days, anyway) wing windows – add a personalized license plate, and you have a cake they might just want to place on the shelf with the rest of their collection.

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