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1263 – Zombie Apocalypse

1263 – Zombie Apocalypse2013-05-28T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

Zombies have been all the rage, of late, turning up in television series, movies, video games, and seemingly everywhere else. There are books and articles everywhere you turn on how to survive the inevitable “zombie apocalypse” and you can hardly have a conversation with anyone without hearing at least one reference to “The Walking Dead.” For the devotee, this novelty design will fit the bill, flawlessly. This face indicates an advanced level of decay, signifying that it has been a member of the zombie community for quite some time. Even as he’s consuming his preferred diet of human brains and bone marrow, he is being fed upon, simultaneously. To each his own, and if you have a friend with a slightly off-kilter sense of humor, this cake might be for you!

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