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1232 – Viva Las Vegas

1232 – Viva Las Vegas2013-04-29T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

This design combines elements of Las Vegas and Hollywood – and why not? Las Vegas has “starred” in many movies, not the least of which is that most famous of vehicles for Elvis Presley, “Viva Las Vegas!” Here we have two bright-white round tiers. The lower tier is guarded by a golden “velvet rope-line” on black posts. An empty film reel sits nearby, while a strip of film ornaments the top tier. Red roses ornament and add splashes of color, as do the red stars bursting off the sides, giving a “fireworks” effect. Atop this piece are representations of Elvis, in his familiar “Jailhouse Rock” costume, and Marilyn Monroe, in a suitably slinky red evening gown, complete with plunging neckline. The well-known “Fabulous Las Vegas” sign takes center stage, while a Hollywood “clapboard” waits in the background. This is altogether the perfect blending of two famous locales and cultures.

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