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1225 – Have a Cuppa

1225 – Have a Cuppa2013-04-29T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

These two bright-white and fanciful teacups might be found in the Fantasyland section at Disneyland. Two white cups, with graceful “S”-shaped handles, are painted with cheerful dots in varying sizes and colors. The contents of these cups might be coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or steaming café au lait – unless they should start spinning around like the “Teacup” attraction at Disneyland, in which case the contents would more likely be three or four young children (or older kids, or even adults) giggling and screaming in delight. Perhaps this novelty design is simply intended for a collector of china cups, or meant to be served as dessert for a formal “High tea.” Whatever the occasion, they are sure to garner attention and admiration.

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