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1090 – Lucky 11 Wedding

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Project Description

Weddings in Las Vegas have always been popular, but on particularly “lucky” dates, such as November 11, 2011, or December 12, 2012, there is an even larger than normal influx of brides and grooms rushing to tie the knot in the wedding capital of the United States.  “Lucky 11 Wedding” was created for such an occasion.  This eclectic piece contains all the elements to assure good fortune for the happy couple.  Three tiers (two round, and one square), in the likeness of a die, all work to bring the symbols of happiness and love together.  The red of the base tier assures financial abundance, as well as carrying the variation of the famous “Las Vegas Sign”.  Hand-drawn flourishes and a strand of beads, all in bright yellow, signify optimism and pleasure.  The prominence of the date on the center tier elevates its importance, and the die at the top of the tower denotes the couple’s commitment and readiness to begin a new journey together.  Red roses, of course, symbolize true love, and the “King” and “Queen” of hearts crowning this work replace the traditional figures for bride and groom.  Bliss is sure to ensue, if this centerpiece has anything to say about it!

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