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The title of this article may leave you scratching your head. When it comes to options for decorating a cake, the choices are many. Designers and decorators are coming up with clever ways to push their cakes to the next level every day. But cake jewelry? Yes, yes… cake jewelry is “a thing”. It’s showing up all over the world of cake decorating and carving out a place for itself by taking cakes from fabulous to jaw dropping. If you haven’t yet seen this exciting new trend, a quick internet search will show you just what all the fuss is about. Cake jewelry is adorning cakes worthy of a walk down the red carpet.

Initially, we saw cake jewelry appear as an option for wedding cake toppers. The first pieces were monograms, and they were all over the map in terms of taste. From understated and elegant to BLING and gaudy, you could get a cake topper to suit any fancy, no matter how fancy it was. From there, it slowly grew into a vast array of options for toppers, simple works with tiny jewels or crystals to full on metal sculptures covered in sparkle and glitz. These toppers slowly worked their way down the cake, and for the first time, we saw an emergence of monograms and pieces meant to top the cake appearing on the second or third tier. Because of the unique shape of these pieces, for the first time, this was a possibility. Placing the topper anywhere but the top was never an option before. Cake jewelry though is designed with a skewer-like piece meant to sink into the cake and keep the decoration in place. This allows for the bling to be placed just about anywhere.

Some very creative designers have taken the concept and run with it. Though traditional cakes have remained in the spotlight, the concept of cake jewelry has made a mark on contemporary cake design. Hints of sparkle and gleaming accents can now be added all over a cake, and cake jewelry is not just for weddings. Celebrating a birthday, graduation, anniversary or another special event can be made exceptional by adding custom jewelry to a cake. While these elements could be planned out as part of the design of the cake, there are also plenty of pre-made options available to adorn a cake after it’s been finished.

Since the sources for these items are limited up to this point, it may be necessary to seek out the services of an artisan such as those on a site like Etsy, to find out about having custom cake jewelry made. Of course, it’s important to consider safety and take precautions whenever you are putting foreign materials into a cake. Keep metal allergies in mind and take steps to avoid any potential reactions.

Hopefully, cake jewelry will remain “a thing” for years to come, as it’s a brilliant and entertaining way to make a cake stand out from the crowd. Perhaps a tiara is just what every cake needs!

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