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Bride on a Budget? We Have the Cakes for You!


It’s finally here – the day that you’ve been dreaming about your entire life. You want everything to be perfect, from the dress and the flowers to the first dance and the cake. Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life – designing the perfect ceremony and party to celebrate your love is an unforgettable experience.

Loser drops the wedding cake during the wedding ceremony

Unfortunately, weddings are also infamous for causing stress. The sources are manifold- disagreements with your spouse-to-be over wedding arrangements; balancing family expectations, or deciding on which religious elements, if any, to include can all inject your planning with an unhealthy dose of stress.


When asked, most couples list money as a leading source of stress in the days leading up to their wedding. In years past, it was considered traditional that the bride’s parents foot the bill for everything from flowers to the reception hall. These days, that’s less common, as first-time couples get married at an older age or remarried much later in life. Add into that the economic difficulties of the past several years and the average debt of a family due to home loans and education, and a lavish wedding paid for by check by the Father of Bride is often just not feasible.

With the average cost of an American wedding running upwards of $26,000, couples are trying to save money anywhere they can. You’ve seen pictures of rustic barn weddings and intimate backyard affairs on social media – often, these ideas started as ways for couples to save money on venue costs – often one of the steepest bills you pay when planning a wedding.


Luckily, there are many ways to have the beautiful wedding of your dreams – without shelling out thousands of dollars unnecessarily. Many bridal shops offer seasonal clearance sales where you can get big-name dresses at a drastic discount. Consider serving soda in glass bottles instead of alcohol at your reception – it will lend a nice vintage flair and save you thousands compared to hosting an open bar.


The wedding cake is, of course, the centerpiece of the reception. Everyone waits for that iconic moment where the bride and groom cut the first slice together and feed each other – symbolizing their loving care of one another for years to come.


If you’re worried about being able to afford the perfect cake for your Las Vegas Wedding, don’t be! At Pastry Palace, we offer several lovely cakes in our Bride on a Budget Line. All are priced under $300 and many are under $200.


Whether you opt for a traditional or whimsical vibe, we have the perfect Las Vegas Wedding Cake for you. Consider 813- White on White with Color for a stunning showpiece that no one will imagine fit your budget as perfectly as your color scheme. Another great options that will fit your notions of the classic wedding cake is 1350-Pearlescent Swags. It’s easy to see why this cake is one of our best sellers – the style and price point are to die for.




Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake 1350 - Pearlescent Swags

Bridges On A Budget
Cake 1350 – “Pearlescent Swags”

Source: http://pastrypalacelv.com/w813-white-on-white-with-color/

Source: http://pastrypalacelv.com/1350-pearlescent-swags/



Are whites and creams a little too tame for your taste? Then think about 931-Pretty in Pink or 923-Green Spring for a festive splash of color – perhaps coordinated with your bridesmaids’ dresses and a matching ribbon your gown?




Source: http://pastrypalacelv.com/w931-pretty-in-pink/

Source: http://pastrypalacelv.com/w923-green-spring/


Your wedding should be filled with joy, not worry. So if the bottom line has you stressed, check out our line of Bride on a Budget Cakes for your Las Vegas Wedding! We’re confident we can create the stunning cake of your dreams at the price you need.


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