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Many of us would know at a glance what this design is intended to represent. For those who do not, think “Hatter”, “a white rabbit who’s always late”, and “the Queen of Hearts.” If you’re still not certain, we’ll give you one more hint: it was Lewis Carroll’s signature work. That’s right: it’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” This work, in three round tiers, may well end up a “classic”, too. The base tier is completely dedicated to the infamous “Queen of Hearts” who is always shouting “Off with their heads!” The lovely pink and red motif with hearts in both colors belies her foul temper. The middle tier is the province of the “White Rabbit”, who Alice follows down the rabbit hole, at the beginning of her adventure. The timepiece ringed in gold, on the deep blue tier, clearly belongs to the White Rabbit. The top tier is obviously representative of the notorious “Hatter”, who conducts the “Mad Tea Party.” This beautiful green felt top hat is just what we’d expect to see him wearing. A hatter never travels without his hat pins in tow, and there are several decorative specimens stuck into the orange hat band surrounding the hat. These are all characters that Alice must interact with during her journey. Luckily, she’s blessed with a good mind, and keeps her wits about her in order to prevail. For any devotee of the book, or any one of the numerous iterations in film, this “Alice”-themed affair will be a delight!

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