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This stylish and classic piece is befitting of a Chanel design. Chanel has long been known for its classical simplicity, clean lines, making it a favorite of those who shun “trendy” attire and accessories. For that discriminating woman of impeccable taste, the House of Chanel is a standard of all that conveys understated sophistication. The base tier, in black, is offset by a broad ribbon band in white, ornamented by a large white bloom. The upper tier, in shimmering white, in a quilted motif, bears the unmistakable “interlocking Cs” that form the Chanel logo. A strand of chic pearls is draped across the top, ringing the two white flowers perched atop the piece. Adding just a dash of sparkle, two double rows of glittering crystal adorn the base of each tier. This design sets the bar very high for next year!

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