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We’ll skip the bottle of rum, as this piece was designed for a 9-year-old’s birthday party, but you get the idea. This homage to all things “pirate” combines elements from many a sea story. Aarrr! The sandy beach where the crew rowed ashore in order to bury their chest full of gold doubloons, and other ill-gotten booty, the anchor keeping the main ship in place, and the Jolly Roger sporting a pirate captain’s chapeau; all present and accounted for, ye bilge rat.  I expect to see the crew from the “Black Pearl” swarming onto the set, any minute now – wait, I think I see Jack Sparrow now! Ah, yes, that’s him – some beauty has just slapped him again! Well, you get the idea. This novelty work could serve smartly for an adult-themed party just as well as a younster’s. “Yo Ho Ho!” appeals to landlubbers, too, me hearty!

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