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Traditionally, red dragons are notoriously passionate with a short fuse, tending towards an ill-temper. A red dragon is imbued with considerable prowess in battle, andas a guardian, the red dragon is formidable. In China, red is an especially auspicious color, denoting power, wealth, and good luck. What better wishes for a birthday, anniversary, or any event, than these? Three tiers in mysterious, darkest black, bound by ribbons of white satin, form a veritable dark tower of cakery, by which this fierce specimen is rising up through the clouds. As his head emerges through the fluffy white clouds on the top layer, he declares his dominance and surveys his realm. He appears as though fire might start erupting from his mouth at any second, and razor-sharp teeth accompanied by deadly claws are capable of massive damage. But he’s here in a peaceful context, only to bring all good things to the guest of honor at this celebratory event.

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