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Black rabbits are known to have the best camouflage, enabling them to remain unseen in the shadows and dark places of their forest habitats. To see one has long been considered a good omen, and a fortuitous event. Happily, this charming little fellow is taking a pause from his usual foraging activities to rest for awhile and act as the centerpiece for a very lucky 14-year-old’s birthday celebration. Hand molded and constructed, this little darling has his bright eyes wide open, and his ears perked up, so as not to miss any of the festivities. His fur, black as night, looks soft enough to cuddle up next to, and his petite black nose looks like it might wriggle, at any moment. His four little feet are tucked in, nicely, and his fluffy little tail is just begging to be petted. Soft, snuggly, innocent animals are a favorite for many children, and we can sculpt and mold the one you need, to perfection!

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