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Even if the inside labels were covered, anyone with any fashion savvy would know immediately that this spectacular collection of high heels is by Louboutin, with one glance at those “sammy red-bottoms.” The red-lacquered soles are now his virtual “signature” (fyi – the red-bottom color code is registered as Pantone 18-1663 TPX). Celebrities around the world adore his awesome footwear. Danielle Steele is said to be his #1 fan, reportedly owning 6,000 pairs of his shoes. These “to die for” heels are a sampling of his wares, and a hands-down winner as accoutrements to whatever your selection of cakery for centerpiece. Just picture it in your mind – a beautiful tower of cake, topped with one of these magnificent stilettos! Any one of these (or a pair!) would do justice to any single-, double-, or triple-tiered design, for any party where females might be present!

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