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This “white silhouette” in stunning white roses is instantly recognizable as that of Mickey Mouse’s long-time girlfriend, Minnie. Not quite as distinct as the familiar black silhouette of round face and equally round ears, this is nonetheless Minnie – note the familiar polka dot bow. Minnie, in her trademark red with white polka dot skirt and matching bow, has been a favorite since she made her debut in 1928, as Mickey’s gal pal. Their adventures together have become legendary, and their popularity seems never to wane. This iteration of her presence is executed in dozens of white roses, all part of one over-arching design. The charming bow adds a splash of color and contrast, and the sparkling crystal ornament in the center of the bow represents Minnie’s innate “glamorous” side. “Minnie Mouse in White Roses” is a delightful departure from the ordinary, and one that is certain to elicit kudos, galore!

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