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“Superman” has been around since 1938, in one form or other, and his popularity has really never waned. He has long been considered the all-American superhero. Righting all wrongs, protecting the weak from the strong, flying about in his blue leotards and famous red cape, he’s the epitome of all that’s good and wonderful in the world. You really could say the same thing about a one-year-old baby boy – what could be better, or be a more meaningful occasion to celebrate? This design takes that challenge to heart. The oblong single-tier design is done up in those familiar primary colors that make up Superman’s costume. It’s so recognizable, that it’s become a part of our “collective consciousness.” The stylizes “S” within the shield, against the blue background and the billowing red cape. He may be only one, but he’s most likely already been introduced to the most famous superhero of all time, in one way or another. Let’s hope the birthday boy, inspired by this design, attempts to emulate all the fine qualities that the superhero possesses, as he grows up.

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