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This lavish affair looks as if it just materialized, having been magically transported from a 1920s Hollywood party – the stuff of legends. Three large round tiers form a towering superstructure of opulence. The top and bottom tier in white are trimmed elegantly in black (what else?); the base tier in row after row of black “flapper” fringe, which was all the rage in that era. The upper tier is banded by a broad black band of ribbon, secured by a stylish black rose, and holds two black plumes in place. The center tier is in a burnished gold and serves as a complementary backdrop to several strands of tasteful pearls – you can NEVER go wrong with pearls! Alongside the cake is a sophisticated shiny black cane with ivory top, and crowning the work is a stylish and prominent sculpture proclaiming the “event.” “Art Deco, with Pearls” is the epitome of class and flash, balanced and in perfect harmony.

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