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And now for something completely different: a bamboo plant, in a pot, for Mom. Everyone knows bamboo is somehow “lucky.” The meaning of “lucky” bamboo plays an important role as a living example of the feng shui elements of water, wood, and earth. When you place this plant in the correct pot, it is said to attract auspicious chi energy. This pot is certainly the perfect one. Created by our expert designers, it has been embossed with a “teardrop” motif, and also displays a stylish simulation of the plant, itself. The “dirt” and small “rocks” are actually shaved chocolate (yum!) and molded pieces of milk chocolate coated with a thin shell, then painted to look like small river rocks. Besides all this, we see a tiny panda crawling up the side of the pot, anxious to get at that luscious bamboo shoot that’s growing straight up and already sprouting leaves. Mom is certain to love this clever design meant to bring luck and good fortune for the entire year!

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