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This novelty design begins with a stunning, hand-sculpted Panda bear. Black and white, she’s in a seated position, legs extended in a relaxed attitude, fur neatly combed, and smiling to one and all. This innocent looking creature is the perfect “red-herring” for what might be about to take place at Amanda’s bachelorette party! Panda’s are the quintessential icon for innocence, cuteness, and sweetness. Here, sporting a charming pink bow, and a few tasty bamboo shoots, you’d never guess what she’s up to, tonight. A “last fling before the ring” has become as traditional for females as it is for men. No longer the province of men alone, bachelorette parties can be every bit as wild and unpredictable as the ones hosted for the groom-to-be. If the groom escorts his bride to her affair, and sees this wide-eyed panda as the centerpiece, he’s sure to feel safe leaving her there, with her friends. Then, let the “Panda”-monium begin!

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