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“Numeral” cakes have become quite the rage, lately – a custom bit of magical cakery molded into the number of the birthday celebrant’s age. This type of reference to the actual age of the guest of honor’s age might not be appreciated after the age of 21, but for toddlers, all the way up TO 21, it’s not only acceptable, it’s preferable that everyone know how quickly someone’s growing up! This beautiful design starts with a simple hand-molded number “2” and turns it into a work of art. A double row of hand-piped ruffle in a “combed” motif edges the top and bottom edges in bright bright pink. Add to that clutches of stunning large roses, also in bright pink, resting on leaves of delicate spring green, and you have a centerpiece that the birthday girl can point to, every time a guest asks her “And how old are YOU, today?” Children can’t wait to get to each new birthday – they consider their age a “badge of honor.” Maybe we could all take a lesson from them on that point. “Turning Two!” is exciting as all get out to them.

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