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This charming design is cheerful, colorful, and decidedly heartfelt. A single tier is decked out in shimmering white icing, and different sized dots of pink and lavender are simply everywhere. A pink border, embossed with a tasteful seashell design edges the base of the tier, in elegant fashion. And speaking of fashion, it looks like our birthday girl is a bit of a fashion plate, because all the accoutrements of high fashion are to be found all over the side of this cake. All the items are in “classic black”, with trim of either pink or lavender, to continue the color scheme. All this is but a supporting cast to the main event, which consists of a plethora of hearts exploding off the top of the design, on wires. The pink and white ribbon twists add another touch of festive flair to this piece. “Hearts in Pink & Lavender” is just right for the “fashionista” in your life!

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