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This decidedly “musical” design is executed in stark black and white – or is it “Ebony and Ivory”? A single white tier has music notes hand-drawn all over the side and top of the piece, and black and white piano keys etched around the base. Up through the center of the cake pops a singular silhouette – and if you don’t recognize it immediately, perhaps the black hat and the sequined glove will provide the necessary hints. Of course it’s Michael Jackson – MJ – The Gloved One – The King of Pop. Controversial to the very end, no one can deny the talent that was there from the very beginning, when he first appeared with his brothers in “The Jackson 5” at age 6. In the next few years he became a global icon and widely considered the most popular entertainer of his generation. His phenomenal success spread throughout the world and his talent took him to the very top of his profession. His fans are still legion, and this work will be ideal for any fan. “Michael Jackson” is a reverent homage to an icon and true legend.

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