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“To each, his own”, I always say – and that especially applies to birthday cakes; now, more than ever! Our designers can create a veritable masterpiece from whatever concept you have in mind. You bring the idea, our brilliant decorators will do the rest. We submit this opus as evidence of the truth of that claim. Zomies have been all the rage for a number of years, and gained even more popularity with the advent of “The Walking Dead”, when it premiered on October 31 (when else??), 2010. The series has a raging, almost rabid cult following rivaling anything ever before on television. This poor “walker” is known as “RV Zombie”, and had the misfortune of running into Andrea, in season two, just as she was getting her skills up. In a particularly gruesome episode, she stabbed him in the eye with a screwdriver. It got the job done, but of course there are many more “walkers” out there! Our designers confess to have had waaaay too much fun hand-molding and decorating this hideous and ghastly work, and you can certainly see that they’ve put everything they had into it. For your “Walking Dead” fan, “Happy Birthday, ‘Walking Dead’-Style” is nothing short of ideal.

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