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The Strokes are an American rock band formed in New York City in 1998. Upon the release of their debut album “Is This It”, in 2001, the group met wide critical acclaim, and since then has sold over 5 million albums. The band has joined a growing movement of those that release their albums also on vinyl. Hence the inspiration for this design, which prominently features this classic/retro/vintage record player. This reproduction features a facsimile of a wood-grained case which houses the mechanism, and the visible mechanical (as opposed to digital) dials and buttons that were so prevalent in the classic phonographs of old. Sitting on the turntable is one of “The Strokes” vinyl albums, with the stylus about half way through side A. For a fan of “The Strokes”, or the connoisseur of vinyl (there are growing numbers of them), or someone who is both, this design is both elegant and unique. The Strokes on Vinyl may be a bit anachronistic, but it may be just the thing!

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