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What can one say about this magnum opus? Seven magnificent tiers: three simple round tiers, and three tiers in a slightly flattened “pumpkin” shape, all in dazzling white. Glittering from the folds of the three “pumpkin”-shaped tiers, are single strands of glittering crystal, held together by golden threads. Broad bands of the same crystal encircle the base of each of the round tiers. Ornate hand-drawn artwork in shiny gold adorns the sides of the round tiers; graceful flourishes and curlicues. Peonies have long been considered a symbol of romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage; so it’s altogether fitting that a plethora of stunning white peonies with golden centers, in concert with white roses, and other flowers encircle the bases of each of the other billowing tiers, in grand fashion. Strands of golden ribbon lend additional color and glamour. For the couple who wishes to make a statement, “The Tower” is the centerpiece to select!

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