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Traditionally, the calla lily has been associated with purity, divinity, and marital bliss. They also connote youth and rebirth. The name is derived from a Greek word meaning “beauty”, and it’s simple to understand why. This breathtaking affair is sure to take center stage at any wedding reception. Three majestic round tiers are covered in an ivory with a satin sheen that absolutely glistens. Two of these tiers are embellished with a motif of meticulously folded “pleats”, which add texture and drama. The focal point of this work, however, is the staggering wealth of perfectly formed “Calla Lilies” which tumbles down from the crown of the top tier, in a graceful cascade. There are literally dozens of these stunning blooms, each one artistically tinted a pale pink; one might even call it an “embarrassment of riches!” What an impression this “magnum opus” of cakery will make at your wedding!

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