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It is important to note that “no leopard or any other animal was harmed in the creation of this extraordinary piece. Not so long ago, leopard fur was a symbol of wealth and status. Today, thankfully, most “leopard” that is utilized in fashion is fake, or merely printed onto fabric. Leopards are one of the most beautiful and agile creatures on the planet, and though considered a “near threatened” species, there are serious efforts to stop the decline in their numbers. This exotic work uses a leopard print to stunning effect. The base platform that supports this design is executed in an incredible likeness of the rosettes that are typical of a leopard’s skin and fur. The top and middle tiers are both wrapped up in broad bands of the same print, and extravagant lilies in burnt orange are the perfect complement and splash of color. “Leopard Print Extravaganza” is suitable for any event – perhaps for someone who is working to conserve these noble cats, or someone who has an affinity for the majesty of their coats. This elegant piece is an homage to days gone by, and a salute to those who have changed attitudes regarding the use of animal skins for frivolous adornment.

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