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Is there anything more visually stunning than a cherry tree in full blossom? The delicate branches and leaves support and give life to the blossoms in the spring – a time to celebrate rebirth. There are cherry blossom festivals all around the world, and no culture is as serious about them as the Japanese. The significance of the cherry blossom goes back hundreds of years in Japan. The season is much anticipated, and indulged in, throughout Japan. The blossoms are a reminder of the fragility and beauty of life, and because the season is so short, they are also a reminder that life, though wonderful, is also very short. This work consists of three round tiers, iced in a relaxing shade of mauve, which creates a perfect canvas against which the cherry tree and its blossoms can shine. Single strands of white pearls ring the base of each tier, and individual blossoms seem to float on gentle breezes, as they flutter off the branches, and down toward the ground. “Cherry Tree” is a versatile piece – apropos for many occasions, such as birthday, wedding, anniversary, bridal shower, or simply as an elegant centerpiece for a formal luncheon.

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