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This stylish number is for someone who has come into her own! This large square tier in sparkling white serves as a platform, complete with glammed out stair steps up to the top. The entire base of the tier is wrapped in a wide, glittering ribbon of crystal that reflects light, sending shards of rainbows all over the room. Each step leading to the top of the “stage” is also decked out in the aforementioned crystal. Perched on the top surface of the cake is a stunningly fashionable high-heeled boot, in royal blue. Understated single strands of rhinestones adorn the boot, from toe to instep. Luxurious black ostrich plumes rise up from inside the boot, and from the top of the cake, adding drama and texture. A placard with the number “55” inscribed in more rhinestones announces unabashedly what birthday is being celebrated in such a bold manner. Gilda may be 55, but she is also in possession of a certain savoir-faire, and a touch of flair to go with it. She plans to “Step Into 55” with a joie de vivre we can all envy!

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