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The base of this design emulates an exquisite, fine leather hexagon. Along the base of this hexagon are additional swatches of leather, meticulously stitched, and embellished with an Art Deco motif that entails a plethora of tiny beads. The “Hexagon” is one of the geometric shapes that occur in nature. Found in the formation of honeycomb it is associated with bees and their co-operative nature. The number six, with which a hexagon is associated, denotes many qualities to be hoped for: love, sincerity, truth, harmony, equality, and reliability. Basing a relationship (and forthcoming marriage) on these attributes bodes well for this couple’s future. Atop this base are three round tiers, stacked to form a lofty pillar of cake. Festooning each of these white layers is an abundance of cut white paper, creating a light and feathery “crown” effect. It might even symbolically represent that the wedding guests are the “crowning glory” of the event. As is clear that our designers are capable of creating a unique work of art, to suit any criteria, especially for YOU!

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