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This dramatic undertaking is for an Indian-themed wedding. This impressive tower of square tiers is fit for royalty. Not only is it visually stunning, this work is absolutely rife with symbols of good wishes for the bride and groom. The gold braids adorning the bottom and top tiers bespeak wealth and abundance. The hand-drawn artwork on the other three tiers is reminiscent of the “henna tattoos” which are applied to the bride’s hands and body prior to a traditional Indian wedding. The beautiful lotus flowers that support the top two tiers are symbols of purity and clarity of spirit. In Indian culture, elephants represent loyalty, wisdom, longevity, good luck, and excellent fortune – all desirable qualities and good wishes for a long-lasting and propitious marriage. The two white elephants atop this work also form a heart shape with their entwining trunks. “From India, With Love” is the epitome of all good hopes and dreams for bride and groom.

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