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After “The Dress”, the thing people remember most about a wedding is “The Cake.” This particular one contains elements of the traditional centerpiece combined with some modern touches. Three towering round tiers are immaculately dressed in bridal white and dazzlingly ringed with crystal ribbons, but each owns its personal flourish. The base tier is lavishly draped in folds of satin accented at four places with quartets of elegantly crafted flowerets in a deep coral. Tiny silver beads in the center of each flower add sparkle. The middle tier is executed in a diamond-quilting motif, dotted with more shiny silver beads, and an oval surrounded by these same beads announces the initials of the couple in striking black free-style script. The top tier contains a large, simple bow, in the same deep coral, set off by a brilliant crystal piece. The work is crowned by a clutch of the same coral flowers found on the base tier, harmoniously tying together all the elements utilized in this stunning piece. “White, Coral, and Bling” brings it all together, for you!

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