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There’s something eternally appealing about turning ordinary items into a work of art. Cooking is a kind of magic, turning unpalatable or boring ingredients into delectable and beautiful creations. Cooking and baking shows become increasingly popular as fascinated viewers watch talented chefs and bakers compete to create the most beautiful treats. This has led many people to want to learn how to do create edible artwork like that themselves, at home. Many dreams about creating the perfect themed cake for their child’s birthday or even decorating their own wedding cake.

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Kids Cake #1627 - Party With Mickey

Party With Mickey (1627)

If you’ve ever tried to learn cake decorating before, maybe from a book or in a class at school, then you know it’s not as simple as just squirting some frosting on a cake. As with any art form, there are specialized tools and lingo that you must master before you can create beautiful cake creations. For example, there are almost 100 different kinds of steel tips that you can attach to frosting bags to create different shapes. Piping, texture imprints, different frosting flavors, the proper temperature for laying frosting, and more all add to the dizzying list of things you need to learn to become an accomplished cake decorator.

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Kids Cake 767 - Spiderman

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Kids Cake 767 – Spiderman

The Pastry Palace is well-established in Las Vegas for beautiful custom cakes. Offering a wide variety of cake decorating classes, they offer the next step for many who want to take the next step on their skills.

There are many ways to determine what you need to learn next when it comes to cake decorating. As with any art form, hobby, or vocation, it’s best to determine what you want from your new skill. Are you primarily interested in cake decorating as an occasional hobby, maybe to make some specialty cakes and cupcakes for family events? If so, you probably want to focus on the high-return skills, like learning how to create icing flowers or make and manage fondant, that will take you way above the old standby of smearing on frosting from the can. Your friends and family will be wowed by your new skills.

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Kids Cake 679 - Lightning McQueen

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Kids Cake 679 – Lightning McQueen

Some enjoy cake decorating as a lifelong hobby and continue to improve their skills. Maybe you’ve created thousands of little pastel icing flowers and now you’re ready to learn something new. After all, a painter wouldn’t just keep painting trees forever, would he? It’s always rewarding to advance your skill to the next level.

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Kids Cake #1412 - Monsters U

Monsters U

If you are a professional culinary artist considering specializing in decorating wedding cakes, then you want to consider seriously upping your skills. Cake decorating can be a competitive field, and so you want to consider your market and your niche. Do you live in a city that hosts a lot of weddings? If so, wedding cakes could be a solid path for you. If you live in a smaller area, it may be better to be more of a generalist. If you can create Disney-themed birthday cakes, charming cupcakes, and three-tier wedding delights, you’ll capture more business.

To get an idea of some of the beautiful creations you could be capable of, take a look at some of Pastry Palace custom cakes for inspiration.


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