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Disney Love for Young and Old


Nothing captures the delight of youth quite like Disney. Ask any child in your life what their favorite Disney movie is, and they will have a long list of reasons why Elsa and Anna are their favorite people or why Lightning McQueen is the best racecar in the world.

Disney Cake 1131 - Pastry Palace Las Vegas

Disney is the most successful franchise in history, with decades of nostalgia that keep bringing parents and grandparents back for more – and bringing their own kids. And with the recent release of a live-action Beauty and the Beast, we can tell that the Disney love isn’t going anywhere. Grossing over $145 million so far, the new movie has enchanted everyone from the youngest Belle dressed up in her Princess outfit to see the film, to those who remember the animated version released in 1991.


And if you liked the remake of Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella a few years ago, you’ll be thrilled to hear that rumors are circling about up to fifteen new remakes of various Disney movies coming out in the next few years. So grab your popcorn, movie memorabilia, and brush up on your Disney song lyrics!


Do you have a young Disney lover in your life? Or maybe you treasure favorite memories of enjoying all of the shows as a child yourself. Many families make an annual pilgrimage to Disney World, which has expanded to include the Harry Potter universe, too. Along with Disney’s recent acquisition of Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm, Disney is well-entrenched as the entertainment empire of the world. Disney continues to appeal to people of all ages. With the best visual artists and songwriters in the business, Disney is known for delivering stories of enchantment and catchy tunes that stay with you.

1864 – Frozen With Snowflakes

It’s no surprise that Disney movies and characters have continued to offer the most popular themes for kids’ birthday parties. And what better way to set the tone for your Disney themed birthday party in Las Vegas than with the perfect Disney cake?


With kids’ parties, you want to set the right tone for the age of your child. A four year old may want a different cake than a 13 year old – though they may both want a Disney-themed party. If your daughter just can’t “let it go” when it comes to Frozen mania (the highest-grossing animated film of all time), you may want to check out cake style 1802-Frozen Splendor Too or 1864- Frozen with Snowflakes for the ultimate ice princess party.




Source: http://pastrypalacelv.com/1802-frozen-splendor-too/

Source: http://pastrypalacelv.com/1864-frozen-with-snowflakes/



More of a classic Disney fan? We have plenty of styles to choose from, like cake style 1886-Mad Hatter’s Tea Party or 850-Toy Story. For a true blast from the past, check out one of several vintage Mickey and Minnie Mouse cakes – like style 620-Mickey Mouse.



1802 – Frozen Splendor Too


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This is only a small sampling of the literally dozens of Disney-themed cakes that we have available for your Las Vegas birthday party here at the Pastry Palace- and we love new challenges, too! Drop us a line- we’d love to hear from you and help you create the best Disney-themed cake that your heart could desire.

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