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How deep is Your Love? As Deep and Fabulous As Our Ocean Inspired Wedding Cakes

Ocean inspired wedding dress – done. Tropical flowers – ordered. Beach themed wedding invitations – chosen. What’s next? A fabulous ocean themed wedding cake for the reception of course – one your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off or resist diving into! At Pastry Palace, we have cake artists who excel in drawing inspiration from the treasures of the ocean to create truly masterful creations.

The ocean has many rare and beautiful things that we use as motifs on ocean inspired cakes for weddings in Las Vegas. What images come to mind when you think of the sea – starfish, sea horses, mermaids? We can make all those and more! What can be more magical than an underwater canvas filled with enchanting sea shells, iridescent flora and fauna or frothy air bubbles rising up to the water surface? Everything is artfully placed, every detail is meticulously executed and every accent is delicately fashioned to showcase underwater serenity and the beauty of nature.

Water is, of course, a key element to a sea themed wedding cake design. Our ocean inspired cakes for weddings in Las Vegas incorporate subtle hues of blue that wonderfully mimic the colors of the ocean. Augmented with a splash of glimmer and a touch of sparkle, they are perfect in creating a fantastic illusion! Our cake decorators fashion expertly shaped sea shells by hand – they’re so beautiful and real, you’ll catch your breath and pinch yourself. Some of our ocean inspired cake designs feature sand (it’s actually sugar!) that will remind you of those many idyllic, romantic evenings by the sea. And for the dolphin loving bride (who doesn’t love dolphins?) we have a very special dolphin inspired wedding cake (1034 –Dolphin Love) you won’t be able to resist.

From the depths of our creativity, we have these wonderful ocean inspired wedding cakes to offer you – W 805 – From the Depths, W 81 – Living Sea, 1125 – Deep Ocean, 789 – Oceans Away, W456 – Ocean Theme, W312 – Under the Sea, and W391 – Caribbean Blue. Don’t ask us to name our favorite – we just won’t be able to! Each one of our designs is dear to us and is rendered with lots of love and care. Feel free to take a close look at the scrumptious pictures to decide on the perfect cake accessory for your ocean inspired wedding in Los Angeles. We also have a wide range of fun and elegant cake toppers that will provide the perfect (proverbial) icing on the cake.
Though ideal for a beachside wedding reception, our ocean inspired wedding cakes can be the perfect accent for any wedding that’s inspired by the sea. If you would like to discuss your own ideas or flesh out more details for your wedding cake, we’d love to work with you and deliver a bespoke wedding cake that fulfills every wish and whim you have.

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