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Help Kick start a Permanent Vacation with a Fun Retirement Cake

Some quick trivia for you! Did you know that the first state sponsored retirement scheme was started in the year 1899? Or that the original age for retirement was 70? Did we just hear you heave a sigh of relief? Yea, we know – just about everyone looks forward to the moment when they can finally get rid of the daily grind and stop working. It’s a big moment for sure, when a retiree gets to celebrate the opening of a new chapter in his or her book of life. So, if you’re planning a warm farewell for a retiring colleague or a retirement party for your loved one, we have some yummy special events cakes in Las Vegas to make the occasion even more celebratory.


So, what do you think retirement should be like? We’d like to believe it should be like having a vacation in Las Vegas – a gala time enjoying life to the fullest but keeping an account on expenses! Retirement is something people plan for ever since they join the workforce. It can be a chance to relax as you go about golfing or fishing. It can also be an opportunity to get involved – get to know those grandchildren, explore the world, try out new hobbies, or start a successful post retirement career – basically a chance to do everything you’ve always wanted to do! We’re starting to get a little wistful here! Our positively themed special events cakes in Las Vegas are perfect for putting a smile on a retiree’s face at a send off party.

If your idea of retirement is kicking off your flip flops and relaxing by the beach, then you’ll love our vibrant cake model 1898 – Retirement At Last. The retiring person is sure to feel the warm wishes behind this lip smacking cake. If the retiree is a socially conscientious citizen looking to work for some worthy causes post retirement, you might be interested in our cleverly constructed cake model 1737 – Retirement Ribbon to get the thought process churning. And if you have any other ideas in mind, we are more than willing to have a brain storming session with you to come up with a reflective retirement cake design.

Along with having a custom retirement themed special event cake in Las Vegas, there are lots of ways to make a send off party warm and memorable. You could invite old friends to share memories in a roasting format (that’ll raise more than a few laughs), or have a picture slide show by gathering photos of the retiring person. Take care to include photos from different years – it’s so much fun to see how a person has aged through the years, not to mention all the fashion faux pas he or she has committed!

Include a few retirement themed games to ease the retiree into a new 24/7 vacation mood!


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