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Have a Fairytale Birthday Party with Our ‘Frozen’ Themed Cakes

What power does Elsa possess? Have you ever wondered about the fate of Anna’s and Elsa’s parents? If you find yourself answering these questions, chances are that you’ve been smitten by the movie ‘Frozen’, as have children and adults all over the world. Little kids are asking for ‘Frozen’ themed birthday cakes in Las Vegas and parents are trying to find the best centerpieces. You don’t have to search so hard, because we have a huge collection of unbelievable ‘Frozen’ themed birthday cakes to inspire you!

Pastry Palace Kids Cake #1623 - Frozen Tiers

“Frozen” Tiers (1623)

To call the movie a hit would be a huge understatement. Why? Only because it’s the most successful animated movie EVER! The plot for the movie is loosely based on the fairytale ‘The Snow Queen’. Only loosely, mind you, because ‘Frozen’ produced by Disney, has a wonderfully positive message on its own. It follows the lives of Elsa, born with cryokinetic powers (she can freeze everything around her and this ability becomes a monstrous liability), her younger sister Anna (whose heart Elsa freezes accidentally) and a host of other characters including Prince Hans and the witty snowman Olaf.

1864 - Frozen With Snowflakes

1864 – Frozen With Snowflakes

How Elsa embraces her powers and her role as Snow Queen and how she saves her sister forms the rest of the story. The presence of strong female characters, an engaging storyline that audiences identify with on many levels, a melodious soundtrack and visual splendor have all contributed for this movie’s popularity. The movie easily lends itself for a great ‘Frozen’ themed birthday cake in Las Vegas. Our cake experts have spent many hours coming up with great ideas that evoke memories of the movie. Be it dainty snowflakes, a glistening ice castle or the adorable characters, you will find perfectly executed details on our ‘Frozen’ themed cakes. Just take a look at our cake models 1920 – Elsa and a Host of Olafs, 1921 – Elsa’s Domain, 1905 – Elsa’s Castle, 1864 – Frozen with Snowflakes, 1802 – Frozen Splendor Too, 1730 – Frozen Splendor, and 1672 – Elsa and Olaf among others for inspiration.

Pastry Palace Kids Cake #1633 - Frozen (Elsa & Olaf)

1633 – Frozen (Elsa & Olaf)

Do you ever find yourself singing ‘Let it Go’ at the top of your lungs? We don’t blame you – it’s such a powerful song with a wonderfully positive message! Coming at a critical juncture in the movie, the lyrics reflect a moment of epiphany when Elsa decides not to be ashamed of her cryokinetic powers and embraces her role as Snow Queen. No wonder it has become an anthem for young kids all over the country! Our cake model 1992 – After Elsa ‘Let It Go!’ perfectly captures the spirit of the moment. Be prepared for an impromptu rendition of this song when guests at your party see this amazing cake!

In addition to the ‘Frozen’ themed birthday cake in Las Vegas, you can include snacks such as marshmallow pops, popcorn snowballs or ooh, jello ice cubes to have a complete ‘Frozen’ themed menu for kids. It’s sure to get you the title of ‘Best Parent Ever’ from your little one!

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