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Lavender can be used to describe a number of shades from almost pure pink, with the slightest touch of blue all the way to a bluish indigo shade. The color symbolically represents decadence, and using “decadence” in its current vernacular (meaning luscious or seductive), it’s certainly at home here, in our “Lavender Bows Cupcake Tower.” What could be more appealing to the eye, and scrumptious (at least in the imagination, for the moment) than this vision of dozens of these little gems, stacked in a 5-tiered tower? Each cupcake is topped with as much of our delicious icing as it can handle, then topped with the daintiest, most meticulously-crafted bow executed in a most delicate shade of lavender. Cupcakes are all the rage, now, and these individual works of art will demonstrate your “cutting-edge” sense of style and current trends.

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