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In looking at this clever collection of design elements and the greeting on the face – it’s hard to determine if this is a “congratulations” for a newly-anointed teacher – or for surviving to the end of the school year. Whichever it may be, though, there’s no denying that this is a Teacher’s cake, through and through. Two round tiers and decorated in immediately recognizable fashion – the bottom of white with the solid and dotted lines we all remember from our ‘learning how to write’ days (and we learned, you can tell – because the salutations are perfectly aligned!); and the top round of green fondant, trimmed with a yellow ruler and adorned with an apple for the teacher on top (complete with mortarboard and tassel – so someone has had a recent achievement!). Pencils, pens, chalk and erasers are found scattered throughout on the cake and its surroundings, with “ABC”s and “123”s, and some very good A+ grades found, too. We doubt you’ll find a more perfect design for the new elementary teacher in your life!

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